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Payroll Processing in Mississauga

Payroll Processing

If you are looking for a professional to help you managing your payroll payments and taxes, whether you are a corporation, sole proprietor or just an individual taxpayer, at Optimum Plan Accounting Services, you will get your problems solved.

We specialize in providing guidance on financial and payroll matters that may concerns you, for corporate organizations and to individuals as well.

We work in compliance with all the rules and regulations established by Canada Revenue Agency. We work to look after the figures and to improve your financial performance as a whole. We provide solutions to maximize your earnings while paying minimum taxes.

As a part of our payroll services, we calculate your Canada Revenue Agency remittances and taxes, assessing you with your employee’s direct payments, issuing T4s and T4 summary at the year end.

We manage your employees’ accounts and transactions; we issue Record of employment and prepare all source deductions and remittances on a timely manner.

Advantages of our services

Payroll Processing

Our company is driven forward by experience. The founder and all employees of this company have years of experience and the high educations, established entrepreneurs in their field of work. When you decide to depend on us for your accounting needs, you will be handing your business to experienced hands.

You might be thinking why choose us when there are numerous other companies providing similar services.

One of the reasons to choose Optimum Plan Accounting Services is our staff experience and knowledge with high education; also our prompt action and flawless services, you will find peace of mind with confidential services customized for each client.

We can work under strict deadlines and still get the job done; we are also flexible appointments, taking calls on Sundays as well.

We not only dedicate ourselves to crunching numbers, but we try to provide an infrastructure on which you can expand your business and improve your bottom line. We provide tax planning and filing services for corporate organizations. We take care of all running accounts and audits. We commit essential resources to find the most useful resolution for your business. Our service is complete in all aspects.

Competitive fees

For all the services that we provide, we charge a nominal fee. Our dedicated employees make sure that you make the most out of your money. We even check for bank errors while managing tax returns and accounting. Our professional chartered accountants do their best to help you plan your taxes in the most profitable fashion.

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Optimum plan with their sincere and professional advices; I moved my business from a losing business to a successful business that encouraged me to carry.


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